About Lydia Mitchell, Ph.D.

Feng Shui Background

Lydia has consulted since 1998 for businesses, farms and residential Feng Shui clients in USA, Scotland, Spain and Chile. In addition she has taught workshops on Feng Shui in the USA and Chile.

Her training and experience in Feng Shui is derived from "Black Sect Tantric Tibetan Feng Shui" as taught by Grand Master Professor Yun Lin. Lydia is a certified Feng Shui consultant having developed her expertise by individualized study, courses and field experience with the nationally known Feng Shui Master Louis Audet. From Louis she also added Dowsing and the Ho’o Pono Pono within the sphere of her Feng Shui Practice.
Lydia considers  Dowsing an important  specializing in the detection and remediation of environmental  Geopathic and EMF radiations. Her experience with clients has shown that some health and depression issues can be considerably alleviated and even removed with the removal of geopathic energies. In her work consulting for farms she has also found that plants in a farming situation can respond positively to the removal of these negative energies.

Another innovative aspect of Lydia’s Feng Shui is the use of the Hawaiian system of forgiveness known as the Ho’o Pono Pono. It is an incredibly effective way to rapidly dissolve Karmic energies operating within people, land and building spaces.
Lydia became interested in Feng Shui when looking for a life partner. She had never tried Feng Shui, but was willing to on the recommendation of a friend. Within 3 months of her initial consultation with Master Louis Audet she met her future husband. As they say “the rest was history”. Lydia was very impressed with the results of the Feng Shui consultation and decided it was something she wanted to pursue. After studying formally with Master Louis Audet and obtaining her degree she feels priveliged to be able to continue enjoying many school hours with him and is forever learning new insights from him in her advanced one on one classes.
Lydia has appeared in the news media, on radio stations and given talks and workshops to private groups.

Related Background

Highly intuitive, Lydia Mitchell’s related training and experience started in California in 1983 and includes: Kinesiology, Color Healing, Qi-Gong, Iridology and Meditation.

Formal Education and Corporate Experience

Lydia grew up in Australia, gaining a degree in Chemistry / microbiology. She then went on to obtain her doctorate in Chemistry at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
Many years of work as a research chemist followed. One of the advantages of research work was the ability to work in various countries including Denmark, Australia and the USA. Lydia worked in the education and corporate world for 20 years before becoming a full time Feng Shui consultant.
In the corporate world, Lydia was responsible for the management and interpretation of high technology spectroscopy equipment which she used in experiments to identify and determine the structure of compounds on a molecular level. The fascination of being able to identify to the atom the structure of a compound and hence its biological mechanism was addicting. However in the end the forces of Feng Shui and the help it could provide to people on a personal level won out.


Lydia is residing in the beautiful south of Chile with her husband, from where she travels on a regular basis nationally and internationally. She provides site and building evaluations of Feng Shui, geopathic stress and electromagnetic exposure for both residential, farming and commercial properties. Lydia also does remote Feng Shui via the internet and photos.