Welcome to my web site.

I have been giving private Feng Shui consultations for 20 years. It is an incredible art. Seeing the results that my clients obtain still amazes me.

Feng Shui is an accumulation of 2,000 years of knowledge in how to maximize the energy you gain from your environment and how you can use this to attain your goals. Feng Shui reflects our connection with nature as well as our subconscious programing.
This may seem like a board statement – but magically the synergistic effects work to shift events and attitudes in your life.

How we live our life is reflected in our home and business. The beauty of this is that in turn our home and business environment affects our life.

Over the years I have solved the following issues with Feng Shui consultations:

  • Problems in relationships and finding relationships.

  • Feel more harmonious and settled in a new home or workplace

  • Inability to attract or hold onto material gains.

  • Health problems and excessive tiredness.

  • Help businesses attract more clients.

  • Removing negative energy from the environment

In summary, by balancing your environment you balance your life and empower your goals.