A bit about Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art has evolved into a modern design practice used extensively in the East and has gained growing support in the West over the last 50 years.

In Chinese medicine the acupuncturist seeks points that correspond to the flow of ch’i to analyze and cure patients. In a similar way the Feng Shui practitioner analyzes the exterior and interior of a home or an office to see how best to channel and enhance environmental energy, thus improving the ch’i of the occupants.

Interpreted correctly the Feng Shui of your environment will reflect back to you all the emotional, conscious, and unconscious issues that are contributing to many aspects of your life and health. Although many factors govern why and how an individual gets sick, working with the Feng Shui of a space can support the process of health and healing as well as the areas of relationships and finances.”

Feng Shui deals with how we visually, emotionally, physically and intellectually respond to our surroundings. By analyzing earth ch’i, the shape and layout of buildings, door and window alignment, and furniture placement, the Feng Shui expert can interpret how surroundings affect the occupant. Objects are added, moved or subtracted to allow the most beneficial flow of positive energy or ch’I to penetrate our surroundings.

Hong Kong banks use Feng Shui as a business edge. In America more and more business are using it to enhance their business opportunities or employee relationships within the company. A well known example is Donald Trump, who has had his famous New York city towers Feng Shui’d.

All these Feng Shui concepts apply equally to home and business.

Whether you are living in a house, condo or want to improve your business, Feng Shui will enhance your internal and external environment giving you an easier way to accomplish and support your goals.