A good time for a consultation is when your life or goals need a tune up Feng Shui can be viewed as a form of insurance policy. For example when you are thinking of making any kind of changes, such as when you are buying, building or selling your home, business or if you are doing any remodeling.

Photo Gallery:

Here are a few of the houses and business I have had the pleasure to Feng Shui in different parts of the world.


Each service/consultation that I carry out is tailored to the specific needs of my client, consultations include:

  • Business Feng Shui

  • Public Building

  • Home Feng Shui

  • Real Estate Buy and Selling

  • New House Planning Consultations

  • New Business Property Planning Consultations

  • Remodeling / Addition Consultations

  • Lectures, Talks and Seminars

  • Space-Clearing techniques to clear unwanted energy

  • Detection and relieving of Geopathic Stress.

All consultations include detailed, practical, and easy-to- implement suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

Results can be expected from a day to 3 months after carrying out the recommended adjustments.

Remote Consultations

Remote consultations are carried out through email, telephone and photos. Successful results have be obtained with remote consultations.


Workshops can be designed for the specific group needs. All workshops come with detailed notes.

Two day Feng Shui Intensive Workshop:

The first day includes the history, tools and basic Feng Shui analysis. The second day uses the information gained in the first day to apply in practical examples.
The course can be attended as a one day beginner course (first day) or a one day advanced course (second day).

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