Feng Shui Testimonials

Lydia’s Feng Shui consultation has brought to my home an added peace and calmness that it did not previously have.
J.S. New London, U.S.A.

I had a Feng Shui consultation to improve the relationship with my husband, as we had been separated for 3 year. My daughters also don't feel comfortable in their bedrooms. Four months after having done the Feng Shui the girls feel comfortable in their bedrooms, which looks more orderly and welcoming.
The most important is, Jaime my husband, returned and we are together, it is wonderful.
Eternally grateful.
Carolina Porcile J. Curico, Chile

“Lydia helped me find a wonderful way to organize my house as well as benefit many other areas of my life. Since then I have noticed my husband is not as serious and stressed out, and it is making for a better relationship. He is more able to take things in stride. My husband had aching legs and sore feet for years. A week to 10 days after I implemented the Feng Shui he started to notice a difference in his legs and the pain went away. Three years later he is still fine.
Another area in which the consultation has helped me, is to bring helpful people into my life when I need them, they just seem to pop up.
A fourth area which has benefited is my carrier. I was working part time and after adjustments in my career corner, I was offered a full time job which is very enjoyable, more laid back and friendly than the part time job.
P.K. Oquawka, IL, U.S.A.

Lydia’s advice was a joy to receive. She seemed magically intuitive as she glided through our house and yard seeing and feeling what needed to shift in our space to better support our desires. The actual follow through on her advice also proved to be highly joyful. We could hardly wait to move on to the next Feng Shui project experiencing powerful immediate results.
Mary Cave, Fairfield, IA, U.S.A.

After living forty two years in my house and having to change into an apartment, it was more than an adventure for me. Consequently applying the Feng Shui to the apartment was a very important experience.
To leave behind what I could not take to the apartment was difficult, as well as reinventing myself in the new space. With the Feng Shui consultation I experienced using colors that I never imagined. The consultation also included detection and protection of earth radiations, making the space feel more pleasant.
The Feng Shui gave a brightness and openness to the space through mirrors. The apartment was organized to choose the location of items, taking into consideration the harmony of our space. It was very good to have your presence at this time. As the project was ending I felt very happy at being in the new apartment and at what had been achieved. Every time that somebody visits they are surprised at the colors and the space, and they say that they feel very good here.
Raquel Alid, Concepción, Chile

I have to admit, that at first I was somewhat of a skeptic. However, it worked anyway! The most noteworthy was how much better I slept after following Lydia’s recommendations. Not only do I sleep through the night but my sleep is deeper and more peaceful with the new protective measures.
D. S. Fairfield, IA, U.S.A.

Public Buildings

Our gallery houses many different forms of fine art consisting of paintings, pottery facilities, and the newly introduced Suzuki string violin classes.
The Feng Shui spatial approach methodology was approached at this facility in a committee situation and as executive director of this facility I sat upon the committee. As the ideas coalesced and with the implementation of the suggestions, and observing the results as well as other peoples comments, I find myself to be a believer in the outcome.
The first half of Lydia Mitchell’s recommendations for the Feng Shui have been implemented to organize the space and facilitate our many activities. This has resulted in immediate and positive feed back from the members and visitors to the art gallery. Comments such as “the newly arranged entrance way gave a clear focus to the gallery when I came in.” “The appearance of clutter was removed.” All responses have been overwhelmingly positive and nearly every one has commented on the gallery appearance since the Feng Shui was carried out. Lydia Mitchell worked well with the committee to obtain the best results for the gallery. We look forward with enthusiasm to implementing the second half of her recommendations.
Executive Director, Brian Riggs, Fort Madison Art Society, U.S.A.

Business Consultation Testimonials

The consultation and implementation of the Feng Shui with Dr. Lydia Mitchell has improved the harmony of the school.
During the last 6 months after the implementation of the Feng Shui we observed that there was a remarkable reduction in the stress levels felt by the students and the teachers, besides an overall atmosphere of improved harmony.
The following year brought more students to the school, there was a growth in registration of 20% compared with the previous year before the Feng Shui implementation. In the following year registration also increased by about another 20% of the previous year, this overall 40% increase has enabled us to reach unexpected registration goals.
I am pleased that I tried out this old and complex knowledge with the experience of Dr. Lydia Mitchell.
Director of the Oxford School, Villarrica, Chile

Business income was down and every issue required endless amounts of attention. Personally, what positive energy I had was drained by family illness and financial issues. In retrospect, I would not have wanted to go through the events of the past year and a half without the benefits of a clearer, more objective mind and stronger personal fortitude.
The process of changing my environment had some immediate, positive effects (comments from friends and relatives). Then, some more impressive results……income from the financial statement is up 25% and, the work place overall is cleaner and more productive. Even employees that were not part of the consultation participated in some of the changes, and now make jokes about "good Feng Shui." As my grandmother would say – "Many a truth in jest!”
Sharon Rowan, Burlington, IA, U.S.A.

I have a successful business and wanted to scale up this success. During my travels to China to see the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace I noticed that the financial institutions are laid out according to Feng Shui principles which accentuate their business success. With this in mind I hired Lydia Mitchell to Feng Shui my business.
After implementing her recommendations there was an immediate improvement in my business environment with a consequent increase in my business going through the roof, so to speak. Within 10 months business was up by 42%.
Greg Miller, Financial Manager, Burlington, IA, U.S.A

Thanks to you and your expertise, my office feels better and client base has expanded. When the clients enter the room, they are amazed and compliment me on how good it feels, how lovely the room is, what a good job I’ve done decorating, etc. In spite of the tiny 6’ x 11’ size of the office, people are uplifted by the beauty of the space. What you’ve done works magic. I am much more comfortable there. Before your help, I was miserably cramped in the tiny space. It was hard to think and breathe. I was claustrophobic, and searching desperately for a larger office. Since your work, things have changed for the better. Now, when I walk in, I am happy. I find myself spending more time there, not just with clients, but doing necessary paperwork, resting, and studying. The rearranged window display is sweetly attractive to passers by.
The past two weeks have been record highs for income. The business increase was most welcome, but exhausting. This week, I delayed working on a new client because I needed a day or two to recuperate. Thank you, for all your help, Lydia!
Rhonda Whittaker, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Fairfield, U.S.A.

Course/Seminar Testimonials

“Thank you so much for presenting “Feng Shui” at the Integrative Therapies Program. I have included an evaluation summary, and you received many positive responses that day. It was a pleasure to meet you. I will certainly contact you when we do a similar program in the future!”
Sherry Fitzgibbon, Burlington, Great River Medical Center, IA, U.S.A.

“The course has given me knowledge to apply in everyday living to make my experience in life more harmonious with my surroundings. I feel energized and ready to begin!!!
Judy Smithson, Fort Madison, IA, U.S.A.

“I feel as though I have gained much useful information to enhance my home and thus my life. Lydia brings this complex course of studies to a level where one can easily understand it and apply it to their individual situation and improve the quality of their awareness of just how much Feng Shui can empower oneself in all aspects of living. ”
“Thank you once more for your course. I picked up some new ideas which I have been implementing in my home. You did a good job with your presentation and your material was well organized and a helpful tool. ”
Carol Miller, Burlington, IA

“I enjoyed the course and feel that I will leave with some very helpful information. When I read about Feng Shui, I will have a better understanding – because of this course. Thank You.”
Brian Sheehan, Fairfield, IA